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Family Testimonials:

"I have 4 kids who have been enjoying the MECCA program over the last 8 years.

I trust the staff completely. They are flexible, caring, attentive and have my kids’ best interests at heart every single day.

They offer a safe and fun environment for the kids to relax after school as well as getting a head start on their homework.

Great opportunity for your kids!"


Where to begin,
I have entrusted MECCA with my two children for over 8 years. There are so many great aspects of a program like MECCA. The nurturing care your children get when they are at the hands of the professional and loving staff. The safety the program offers being located within a public school system. Which also allows your children to become familiar to the school they will attend in the future. My daughter attended two years of the pre-school program and it has prepared her for kindergarten. She currently attends summer camp and looks forward to seeing her friends and the staff everyday. The greatest testimony I can give is my daughter wakes up Saturday and Sunday asking “is it a MECCA day” with great excitement! -Heather Little, Parent, MECCA Board President

"The MECCA program has been such a wonderful place for our daughter over the past two years.  I was hesitant to go back to a full time job because we didn't want her in daycare all day.  We decided to enroll her in the MECCA Preschool as well as their before-school care and after-school care.  It was a great decision.  The teachers are caring, kind and do so much with the children.  We even do the MECCA Summer Camp.  Summer Camp offers many different and fun activities for the children, they are never bored.  Just yesterday we got in the car after pick-up and she said "I just love summer camp".  It makes me happy and puts all of my worries at ease knowing she is in an educational and nurturing environment all while having a great time.  Our daughter adores all the teachers and staff.  We highly recommend the MECCA program!"

~ Farrel & Sal Sena

"My daughter has really enjoyed her time at MECCA. For a small community, Marlborough is very fortunate to have such a supportive program. For working families especially, we appreciate the flexibility of care and affordable fees. They are always doing something new at MECCA. The kids get the opportunity to enjoy doing many different activities while they attend. The MECCA staff is always very friendly and does such a tremendous job with children of all ages. We will be joining the summer camp program for the first time this year. The schedule looks like back-to-back fun all summer long! My daughter is very excited!" -Kelly Diana

"I do not have enough good things to say about MECCA preschool, camp and after school program in Marlborough, CT. It is more than childcare; it is a FAMILY. I have never thought twice about having my son there while I am at work. He has been going to Mecca since he was 3 years old and he is currently 7. While the staff are incredibly caring, they go above and beyond to treat every child as if they were their own. We started in their preschool program where they also concentrate on teaching life skills from washing hands, cleaning up after themselves and being kind to one another as well as the education milestones like fine motor skills, colors, letters, numbers, reading and so on. We also participate in their camps and after school program. I really could not ask for more from a group of people whom, I can tell, truly care about my son. My son begs to go to their program more. I really could go on and on, but I will leave you with this… If I could do it all over again, I would choose Mecca again and again to watch my child while I was at work every day. I would suggest it to anyone in my area as well!"

-Lisa Paragone

"MECCA is such a great program! The staff are so friendly and accommodating! We love the fact that it's located right inside the elementary school where the kids are already comfortable in this setting. Thank you for this great service!"

-Teresa Trojanowski

"We discovered MECCA when my son was 4, and my only regret was not enrolling him sooner! He absolutely loves it and we’ve seen a lot of improvement in him since he started, making me more confident in sending him to kindergarten.  The teachers are all amazing for the pre K class, as well as the before and after school staff. We love the summer camp as well! It’s been a great opportunity for my son to be able to work on his creative skills and social skills with kids into various age groups." -Kim Chapman

"When we moved to town last year, I was terrified of not being able to find a child care provider that we loved and trusted as much as the person we already had. Now, I'm happy to say that MECCA has surpassed our wishes to find more individuals that would love and care for our children as much as we do when we have to be at work. The staff at MECCA have been attentive, creative, caring and flexible. My children are thriving and adore the staff, my husband and I trust them, and they're budget friendly. I suspect we will be a MECCA family until my kids age out of the program. We're so glad to have found you!" -Lisa Wolfe, Vice President MECCA Board

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