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Meet the Staff

All of the MECCA staff members have been certified in CPR, First Aid, AED  Mandated Reporter training, Medication Administration, and the use of an EPI-pen. 

The staff members all attend regular staff meetings, trainings and are fully committed to making sure each child has a safe, educational, and fun day! We cannot wait to meet you!


Co-Director & Head Teacher:

Rochelle Murphy has been part of the MECCA family since 1993. She has had the pleasure of watching and teaching the preschool students as they learn and grow. Some students she's taught have returned to work as staff members at MECCA!


Co-Director & Assistant

Office Manager

Kirstin Tuttle has been  part of the MECCA family since 2011. After years of working at an overnight summer camp, she was thrilled to come here and start her dream job co-teaching the preschool class and helping to create a positive, safe and fun atmosphere.


Business Manager & HR Representative:

Susan Lanzi has been part of the MECCA family since 2001. She's in charge of the billing, and financial aspects of MECCA. She is also there to support the MECCA employees.

Debbie two_edited.jpg

Lead Teacher:

Debbie Ruetz has been part of the MECCA family since 2021. Coming to us with over ten years of child care experience, she is happy to be here and work with the MECCA children. She is the lead teacher of the before school program, and works with the preschool and after school programs. 


Before School Teachers:

Mrs. Debbie Ruetz &Mr. Sean Kelly


Preschool Teachers:

Ms. Rochelle Murphy, Miss Kirstin Tuttle & Mrs. Debbie Rutez

After School Teachers

Ms. Rochelle Murphy, Miss Kirstin Tuttle, Mrs. Debbie Ruetz,  Mrs. Liz Ottone, Mr. Sean Kelly, Miss Samara Zigmund, Miss Allie Nardone,  Miss Giulia Gugliotti & Miss Sarah Panecassio.

We are not currently hiring, but always take applications! Please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team!

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